Decorative Panels

Decorative Panels are beautifully embossed panels made from a variety of raw materials and sourced from all over the world, which comes with great combination of designs and colors. They can be used for vertical and semi horizontal application. They are widely used in decoration of walls, cabinets, columns etc.


Wall On seamless planks are eco friendly charcoal material, these Louvers ensure safe interior space with NO SICK SYNDROME. These planks are very useful in interior decoration and can be used on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. They overcome the drawbacks of the wooden paneling, both in terms of cost as well as aesthetical value.
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These products are a mixture of Charcoal and Polystyrene proportionately. Charcoal incorporates strength to the product whereas Styrofoam made from recycled thermocol makes the product resistant to warping. In addition, this product is biodegradable and environment friendly.
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Stone Veneer It can be use in Interior as well as Exterior. The 100% natural stone surface is enforced from the back with To produce Stone Veneer the most beautiful world are chosen: With our revolutionary method it's possible to produce many very thin stone layers from a massive slate blocks of up to 5 tons.
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TD Walls, an unprecedented range of solid wood wall coverings in distinctive patterns and vibrant colors. It enables you to experience wood in different moods and different tastes. TD Walls adds real warmth of wood to your interiors; but does not create a footprint on the environment by cutting additional trees.
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Sleek, solid and unrelenting stylish, Metal Panels have changed the face ofdecorative panels by delivering the seductive sheen of metal for interior surfaces. The clean& bold lines and shapes of these panels enhance and complement any nearby surface, be it stone, wood, glass, ceramic or brick.
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