Plywood, Block Boards & Flush Doors

Veneer is wood in its most attractive form, and occasionally the most precious item that can be produced from Wood. Every tree has its own characteristic features and every wood grain tells an interesting story. You will be totally delighted not only by the range but by the excellence of the veneer sheets. From contemporary to rare, traditional, delicate, imported and a selected few available across the world.


The most widely accepted all grades of plywood. Each tenderized core of our Plywood material is passed between the glue spreader, where all the veneers is treated with synthetic resin of boiling water proof grade. The resin core veneer is cured at low temperature to retain the natural stability of the timber thus making the plywood waterproof.
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Block Board is a lumber-core board made from blocks of wooden strip, two cross bands & two face veneers on each side of the core assembly. Block Boards are the best solution for applications where straightness is the main requirement. Used mainly as structural material for partitions, doors, shutters, panels etc.
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Suitable for both exterior as well as interior applications, our flush doors are an ideal choice when it comes to security of your premises. Apart from characteristics like uniform thickness.
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Surface concepts presents a contemporary chic collection of wall papers featuring a stunning mix of eclectic styles, graphic prints and quirky designs.
Various brands available are Greenply, Centuryply, Duroply, Archid Ply
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Alabaster Sheets also known as artificial stones are becoming extremely popular worldwide. The best characteristics of an Alabaster Sheets is that it can transmit light and is environmental friendly, safe and has various styles and designs to choose from.
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