Tips to consider when buying Decorative Wood Veneers

Decorative Wood Veneers are a popular surfacing material when we talk about a residential or commercial project. Choosing the correct wood species, shades, grain are the key to getting the desired appeal.

This post points out some tips you need to consider before buying Decorative Wood Veneers:

Good Quality Material

Always prefer minimum 0.5 mm thick veneer flitches and a Gurjan/ Hardwood grade base ply to ensure better finishing and strength to the furniture. Remember you are going to invest a lot on the polishing and fabrication of the furniture.

Ascertain the number of sheets required

Workout the quantity of sheets required for your project, doing so will ensure you get what you need and you will not face the problem of lot variation. Veneer lots even from the same species can vary a lot, you will find that some wood species are not as consistent as others in terms of texture and grain. As a natural product trees feature many variations in grain, texture and colour.

Finding the correct match

Some times you need to find veneer which matches to the one you already have. In such cases you should furnish your supplier with the sample of the existing one to get a nearest match in grain, texture and colour. Always buy veneers in ascending or descending group sequence as natural wood veneer grain and structure would be varying.

Care to be observed while using veneers

 Always finish the veneers with good quality sealer and topcoats  to get the best finish in the veneers. And never cut veneer from the front side in order to avoid chipping of the top layer.

Wrap Up

Given a wider variety and number of veneer sheets available for selection, choosing the veneers that suits the taste and personality of the Property owner is not a difficult task. But the only prerequisite is that you define your requirement well. Veneer sheets should be selected after physically seeing the lot, veneers should not be bought from catalogues.

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